Police and the Communities They Serve - How's the Relationship?
July 2017  |  By Kevin Williams

Genesis provides insurance and reinsurance solutions to the risk management needs of public entities, including law enforcement agencies. Not surprisingly, recent headlines related to police excessive force claims and community relationships have commanded our attention as public dialogue surrounding these issues continues. The following blog offer some perspective on police/community relationships.


Kevin Williams
Regional Manager


The EEOC and Public Entities
June 2017  |  By Lauren Nevens

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its Charge Statistics that categorize the 91,000 charges filed with them in 2016. A select task force released a report detailing recommendations for harassment prevention. These risk factors provide a road map to help you identify and prevent discriminatory practices. Taking a look at them is an important step for all public entities and school districts.    


Lauren Nevens
Regional Manager


Concussions - One Parent's View on Safety
May 2017  |  By John Fumo

The topic of concussions in youth sports has been getting a great deal of attention lately.  Schools and youth sports clubs are grappling with how best to protect the heads of young players, legislators are responding with new laws, and insurers are examining ways to address this exposure.  For parents, this issue represents one more balancing act between protecting your children while still providing them with enriching and fulfilling opportunities.  For some parental strategies to consider, plus helpful web links, please continue reading.  READ MORE


John Fumo
Regional Manager


Empowering Our Children Through Informed Conversations
April 2017  |  By Jill Eaton

Schools have the difficult task of preventing bullying, and they aim to provide safe environments. Preventing sexual abuse is more difficult ... parents need to talk about it with their children at a young age and hope they are empowered to protect themselves. See web links for parents to help them talk with their children. READ MORE


Jill Eaton
Division Manager