Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the A. M. Best and S & P ratings for the companies which issue Genesis policies and reinsurance contracts?
    Genesis Insurance Company and General Reinsurance Corporation maintain an A. M. Best's rating of A++ XV (Superior) and Standard & Poor's Financial Strength and Credit rating of AA+.
  2. What distribution channels does Genesis rely upon for its business? Does Genesis accept business from reinsurance intermediaries?
    Genesis will entertain submissions from the retail, wholesale, direct reinsurance and reinsurance intermediary channels, as long as the opportunity is structured with an alternative market component.
  3. What criteria are considered when issuing an insurance policy by Genesis Insurance Company versus a reinsurance agreement issued by General Reinsurance Corporation?
    As a subsidiary of General Reinsurance Corporation, Genesis has the ability to provide comprehensive insurance and reinsurance alternatives to individual public entities, as well as pools, trusts, captives and Risk Retention Groups (RRGs). A variety of risk transfer vehicles allows Genesis to meet the needs of entities that are serious about risk management and have the desire and ability to retain risk. All of the Genesis companies and General Reinsurance Corporation are rated A++ XV by A.M. Best, AA+ by Standard & Poor's and provide unsurpassed financial stability in an ever changing insurance / reinsurance marketplace.

    • For insurance products -- Genesis Insurance Company (admitted) provides comprehensive casualty protection for qualified individual entities that manage and retain risk exposures. For example, The Public Policy® is a proprietary insurance product tailored to the public sector that combines General Liability (including Law Enforcement), Auto Liability and Public Officials' Liability in a single coverage form. The School Policy®, another insurance product, combines General Liability and Auto Liability, but includes School Board Legal Liability coverage to meet the specific needs of educators' risk exposures.
    • For reinsurance products -- Genesis is authorized to underwrite on behalf of General Reinsurance Corporation to address those instances in which a reinsurance structure is the preferred solution. As one of the world's largest and most respected reinsurance organizations, we support pools, trusts, captives, RRGs or other entities with an alternative risk component structure. Our knowledge of the public sector and alternative risk market is matched only by the creativity with which we apply that knowledge, and the stability we bring to your risk structure.
  4. Does your policy exclude coverage for punitive damages?
    No. Our policies do not contain exclusionary language or endorsements to the policy that eliminate coverage for punitive damages. Subject to the laws applicable to each claim, which may supersede the provisions of our policy and render punitive damages uninsurable as a mater of law, our policy expressly provides coverage for punitive damages.


  1. What lines of business are covered under The Public Policy®? Can you provide a package policy?
    The Public Policy®, designed specifically for public entities, provides options for general liability (including Law Enforcement Legal Liability and Sexual Molestation coverage), Automobile Liability, Garage Keepers' Legal Liability, and Public Officials' Liability (including Employment Practices Liability coverage.) Coverage may be provided on an occurrence or claims-made basis. The Public Policy® has the flexibility to provide the array of coverage options described above, and each insured selects only those coverages desired. We assemble the selected coverages into a customized policy for each public entity. We can also offer reinsurance solutions for package coverage issued by pools.
  2. How does The Public Policy® compare with The School Policy®?
    Policy language, of course, is crafted to meet the needs of the K-12 community in The School Policy®, and "all other" public entities in The Public Policy®. Coverage features are similar in the two policies, with one key distinction. In The School Policy®, Public Officials' Liability coverage is replaced by School Board Legal Liability, a professional E&O coverage specifically designed for school entities.
  3. What maximum limits are available?
  4. What is your minimum attachment point?
  5. How are claims handled? Are there any particular requirements for claim handling?
    Genesis insureds or reinsurance clients can either administer their own claims or contract with a third party administrator of the insured's choice. While we are prepared to assist the insured in the selection and validation of its TPA, Genesis does not require prior approval of the insured's TPA. The Genesis claim department stands ready to provide expertise, consultation, and review of claim management for insureds, reinsureds or their TPAs as needed.
  6. What control does a Genesis insured have over the disposition of a claim, once the case reserve exceeds the self-insured retention?
    The insured and its third party administrator retain control over the strategy, tactics and negotiations necessary to dispose of the claim. Genesis will closely monitor the claim and work in conjunction with the insured to reach a timely disposition. Claims are monitored by a Genesis claims professional familiar with the legal environment involved, to maximize our ability to contribute jurisdictional expertise when the need arises.
  7. Is Police Professional covered on an occurrence or claims-made trigger?
  8. What is the advantage of a policy written over a self-insured retention rather than with a deductible?
    Typically, limits in excess of a self-insured retention are not eroded by the retention. However, a policy written with a deductible will have its limits eroded by the amount of the deductible. For example, a policy with a limit of $1,000,000 and a SIR of $250,000 provides the insured with $1,000,000 of coverage. The same policy limit, with a $250,000 deductible feature, provides the insured with $750,000 of coverage. Genesis provides limits only in excess of self-insured retentions where limits are not eroded by the retention.
  9. Is it a requirement for my public entity insured (city, town, county, school, etc.) to qualify as a self-insured for your program?
    In general, we find that most public entities are eligible for coverage under a Genesis policy. We encourage you to check your state laws and statutes if you have questions regarding eligibility or qualifications.