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A Mid-term Self Evaluation of our Blog

Now that our blog is over six months old, it's a good time to take stock of our posts. In this installment, I offer a few thoughts on what we're trying to accomplish.

Also, I invite your feedback on how we've been doing and what topics you'd like us to cover in future blog posts.  

For my first Genesis Insights blog, I've decided to write about blogging. Okay, I know what some of you are thinking: "The best you could come up with is a blog about blogging?" Our blog is now over six months old, and so I’ve been taking a look back at the messages we’ve been sharing with you. 

When we first decided to go down the blogging route, we asked ourselves the following question: “What would constitute a successful Genesis blog?” There's no shortage of views and advice out there. Some of it can even be found in blogs on blogging.  (Yes, those really do exist.)  I’ve learned that there are at the very least four keys to success. 

First, you have to have a clearly defined target audience. That's easy—We’re writing our blog for the public entity community that we've been honored to serve for decades. 

Second, you've got to be clear about why you're blogging. That's easy, too. Our vision is to leverage the blog as an additional means of engaging on issues of interest to our many old friends, and we hope some new ones, in the public entity community. We've done that with our recent posts on police-community relationsconcussions and bullying. We've also blogged about lighter subjects, such as exercise and the benefits of attending industry conferences. Click here for the full collection -- > [Blog archive] 

Third, although there are some exceptions, most effective blog posts are succinct. The best blog post is more like a quick water cooler discussion. Done right, it provides a few insights, and perhaps whets the appetite for more.  We’ve chosen to save our more in-depth analysis on topics for publications [Insights] and presentations.  In addition, our Annual Client Forum and personal discussions on important issues remain staples of our value proposition. 

Finally, a successful blog tells you something about the blogger. Reading our posts, we hope, confirms what you already know about Genesis; namely, that we have a deep knowledge about and passion for the public entity sector. We hope that our blog has introduced you to or helped you to know our experts a little bit better. 

I’m pleased that we’ve been able to share some thoughts with you this year through our new blog. We’re now in the process of planning topics for 2018. Perhaps you have questions or issues you’d like us to tackle. If so, please let your Genesis contact know and we’ll do our best to address them in a future blog post. 

To sum up, I’d give us a high grade for our blog’s start, but we'd love to hear what you think. After all, yours is the only grade that matters.


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